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There has never been a better time than now to rethink our actions and behavior towards Mother Nature.
We are pleased to count Yodi – Water-free & Preservative-free skin and hair care beauty products as one of our sponsors for the 1st edition of C Kite Festival with Antoine Auriol at C Mauritius.

You must be asking yourself what or who is Yodi, right?
Well for starters, it is a clean and green beauty brand. All products are water free, preservative free & allergen free, formulated with concentrated active ingredients only.

It’s not just salesy jargon but every single Yodi beauty product is tested under dermatological control, Natural, Vegan & Made in France.

For a better tomorrow, we stand united with eco-conscious brands and favour eco-conscious brands.

Meet Helene Azancot, beauty entrepreneur, mother of 3 young adults, and founder of Yodi with 30 years of experience in the innovative beauty world.

By tradition and culture, Helene has always been interested in beauty recipes. She travelled all over the

world and have been working for different international brands, Kérastase, Redken, Matrix or L’Oréal Professional. Also Global Head of Garnier, Head of SCAD France and Biotherm France.

What passionate Helene the most though, is organic innovations and sustainable development. Thus the birth of Yodi.
The story gets sticky from here, keep scrolling and find out why we chose to collaborate with Yodi.

Tell us more about Yodi, why was Yodi created?
“After having spent 30 years in the beauty industry, developing and launching products from major French and American brands in the world, I sensed that consumers’ expectations were changing, and I became particularly interested in natural beauty. I wanted to bring a new way to take care of oneself with a strong similarity with food. We all want to know what we eat, so why for beauty, our products are such a mystery? Yodi was born in 2018 out of scientific progress in the knowledge of natural active ingredients, the need for transparency from those around me and, more broadly, the desire of many consumers to find more environmentally friendly alternatives regarding their beauty products.”

What led to the creation of powder treatments that turn into foam or milk?
With the help of experts in biology, skin, and hair to choose active ingredients known for their effectiveness, I created the brand in accordance with my awareness. Powders are magical: they don’t contain any preservatives, allergens or controversial ingredients. They are processed without heat, and they foam generously with water. water is already in your bathroom, so why waste it in our beauty products?”

What are you hoping to achieve with these innovative products?
My goal in creating Yodi is for people to be able to take care of their skin and hair as well as their food, with the same requirement for transparency and quality of ingredients. The goal is to help people transform their Hair and skin with healthy, efficient, and conscious products.”

They are all your babies but please tell us what are your favourite Yodi products and why?
“As you said, they are all my babies, and I can’t choose one over another. All the products have been formulated carefully.
In fact, during my daily routine, I try to use all the products as much as I can. Our products are used by
the entire family. They are effective, and excellent for our health and environment with an exceptional sensory experience.

In the morning I wash my face with the Vitamine C et Fleurs d’hibiscus face cleanser then I apply the Rétinol-like Végetal, our newest addition. Sometimes I also use the Charbon Purifiant cleanser on my T zone. As for my hair routine, I usually use the Nutritive Argan shampoo and the Aloé Argan mask. I finish my routine by applying the Huile Précieuse Nourrissante – Muesli & Pure Vanille. When I seek volume and shine, I usually use the Douceur de Lait d’Amande shampoo.
And of course, we use our soaps daily; they are nourishing and excellent for the skin.”

Tell us about your best-sellers. Your next innovation?
“Our best seller is the shampoo Douceur de lait d’Amande: if you have greasy hair or fine hair this shampoo will transform your hair texture! But our Mask 100% natural and Vegan is also a best seller and a patented innovation. It doesn’t contain water and is made from Aloé vera juice which makes it really unique to nourish, repair and condition the hair.

Our next innovation is our Retinol-like Vegetal Anti-Aging Serum. It is the first anti-wrinkle face oil combining concentrated Bakuchiol (2%), Prebiotic, Coffee and Argan oil. Its formula nourishes & regenerates the skin, preventing the early signs of aging (all types of wrinkles and fine lines). This serum has all the benefits of retinol, without its side effects. It has 100% ingredients of natural origin and is non-comedogenic. You can use it by day and/or night.”

Where do you source the raw ingredients?
“Our experts deploy their knowledge in sourcing new natural and eco-friendly active ingredients. It’s a challenging task to do since we are committed to clean beauty. We usually choose innovative suppliers who offer us natural and environmentally friendly ingredients. We select the best active ingredients that have proven their effectiveness in the pharmacopeia. Argan oil comes from Morocco and the prebiotic from France and vitamin C from Japan … We are sourcing our ingredients regarding their purity and their efficiency.

We have favoured organic active ingredients, minerals and natural active ingredients formulated by biotechnology. We have eliminated irritating surfactants, sulfates, silicones, animal actives, preservatives, and allergens. Our natural active ingredients are biodegradable! And the brand is certified PETA and Cruelty-free.”

Why would you tell people to buy your products?
“The innovative power of YODI products lies in its waterless formula. The absence of water preserves the native qualities of active ingredients or cosmetic formulations both during their production and their transport. Our products are therefore preservative-free. If you have sensitive skin or scalp, greasy hair or struggle to find clean and efficient beauty products, Yodi is made for you.

We focus on efficiency and quality. We use skin-friendly surfactants and fragrances that do not contain allergens. We have taken particular care to avoid irritating substances and all the allergens listed by European cosmetic regulations. Shampoos and face cleansers contain a prebiotic, which will nourish the good bacteria of the skin and maintain a healthy scalp and skin. All our active ingredients have proven effectiveness, are of natural origin, biodegradable and our vegetable oils are organic. All Yodi hair and skin care beauty products are Vegan, water-free, preservative-free, allergen-free and made with natural active ingredients. They are Patented, dermatologically tested, Clean Beauty Certified, ranked 100/100 by the YUKA application, Made in France & certified PETA. Our packaging is made of aluminum or glass: recyclable, space-saving & practical materials.”

In a few words, what is your /Yodi’s contribution to the World?
“We are committed to natural and clean beauty, we take good care of you while respecting our environment. In addition, we are PETA certified, which means that our ingredients, as well as our final products, have not been tested on animals. By avoiding wasting water, we make our beauty gesture more sustainable. We also privilege minimalist formulas to reduce waste, our ingredients are natural and biodegradable.
In addition, our packaging is made of aluminum or glass, 2 raw materials that are infinitely recyclable and we have no over-packaging. The PP service capsule (recyclable channel) can be upcycled in France thanks to our partner CEP-Recycling.”

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