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C Kite Festival 2022 – Antoine auriol-opti

A first on the East Coast of Mauritius, C Resorts presents C Kite Festival with Antoine Auriol at C Mauritius.
A Kitesurf and Wing foil festival from the 23rd till the 27th of June bringing together amateurs and World Champions in Mauritius for an adrenaline-pumped festival.

The weather on the East Coast of Mauritius is surely one that Kitesurfers and Wingfoilers do not want to miss! With the prevailing winds called the “Southeast trade winds”, at times  Sharki, C Mauritius proves to be one of the best hotels for kitesurfing holidays among many other activities.

The East Coast counts some excellent kite spots, mainly during winter as the wind being “side / onshore” it is far less gusty along the East Coast than elsewhere. With an average of 20 to 25 knots, the kite spot which is actually the lagoon in front of C Mauritius will suit riders of all levels.

Antoine Auriol, former World Kite Champion who is also our ambassador for this first edition of C Kite Festival mentioned that he “cannot wait to meet and ride Sharki”. Sharki, the southeasterly wind which sometimes blows in the Persian Gulf. Known as Sirocco in other parts of the Mediterranean area and Leveche in Spain.

Antoine who was in Mauritius last year fell in love with the hotel concept, landscape and energy that reigns at C Mauritius.

For me it’s a mini paradise on Earth, especially as a kitesurfer and Wingfoiler. Thanks to this event, the East Coast of Mauritius is going to be known and more people will come to ride the perfect South-east wind…beside kitesurf C Mauritius is truly a place where you can reconnect with your inner child, and I am really looking forward to this.

Antoine Auriol.

C Kite Festival with Antoine Auriol at C Mauritius will consist of different activities:

This event in collaboration with Mauritius Tourism Promotion Authority and Air Mauritius is to have Mauritius on the map for a new type of holiday and position the East Coast, C Mauritius as one of the best places to enjoy Kite & Wingfoil in Mauritius. It is a collaborative effort with all the different Kite surfing brand representatives in Mauritius and abroad namely, F-One, Airush, Duotone, Brunotti, Manera and Northkiteboarding.

Staying true to C Mauritius’ slogan, “Come play. Let go. Feel free” this event is more of a festival than anything else. Locals and international guests are invited to join and participate in the different activities all in a cool and fun atmosphere.
Recognising the importance of sustainability and authenticity, this event is also powered by some of the local and international eco-conscious brands who are taking legitimate leaps to improve sustainability; Yodi, Pala Eyewear, The Kreol Republic, Sava a Sail, Helios and Tingerlaat.

#CKiteFEstival  | C Mauritius

A first in the initiative in Mauritius, C Kite Festival with Antoine Auriol will bring together local and World champions.

Our champions: Titouan Galea- 2021 Wingfoil World Champion, Marina Alabau – Olympic golf medal, Pro Windsurfer & Wingfoil Fanatic, Victor Hays –Pro kiteboarder, Olivia Jenkins –Kitesurf, Wingfoil & Foil athlete, Jeremy Chan-2x Junior Surf Champion of Mauritius, Rondolphe Duc-Pro Kiteboarder, RIFT Champion, 2x Vice-Champion freestyle, Alice Lemoigne-World Champ ISA, Vice World Champ WSL

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