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Solara Suncare - GO! Collection

As the radiant sun embraces the 2nd edition of #Ckitefestival with Antoine Auriol, we are delighted to have Solara Suncare as one of our esteemed sponsors. Solara Suncare is a brand driven by passion and dedication, revolutionising sun protection with their 100% mineral sunscreen products.

Let’s dive into the inspiring story behind Solara, their commitment to the environment through “1% for the planet,” their innovative product range, and why they should be your go-to choice for ultimate skin care and eco-conscious living.

How can I elevate my suncare routine with Solara Suncare?

Solara Suncare offers a range of meticulously crafted products designed to effortlessly blend into your everyday skincare regimen. Their Luxe Collection boasts high-powered, adaptogen-infused sunscreens trusted by wellness enthusiasts and celebrities alike. For those seeking a simpler option, their Go! Collection provides adventure-ready products perfect for athletes, families, and young adults, leaving your skin nourished and hydrated, even after sun-soaked adventures.

Who is the visionary founder behind Solara Suncare, and what inspired the brand?

Solara Suncare emerged nearly four years ago, borne out of a personal need and a passion for skin health. The founder, Stephanie who is also a mom of 3, driven by the desire to find a sunscreen suitable for her children’s allergies to chemical sunscreens, embarked on a journey to create a brand that marries clean ingredients, scientific advancements, and the healing power of nature. Her personal experience with Lyme Disease further fueled the brand’s integrative approach to formulation, setting Solara apart as a beacon of nurturing, healing, and protective skincare.

Could you shed light on Solara Suncare’s commitment to environmental preservation through “1% for the planet”?

At Solara Suncare, sustainability and environmental stewardship are paramount. As proud members of “1% for the Planet,” they pledge to donate 1% of their annual profits to certified environmental charities. Aligning with their mission of respecting and protecting nature, Solara supports causes such as Ocean + Reef conservation, Thirst Project, Feeding America, and more, ensuring that their dedication to your skin’s health extends to the well-being of our planet.

What sets Solara Suncare’s products apart from traditional sunscreens?

Solara Suncare redefines the sunscreen experience by offering clean, skincare-level protection. Their Luxe Collection presents an innovative zinc-only approach infused with adaptogens, earning accolades from prestigious spas and wellness awards. Simultaneously, the Go! Collection caters to those seeking simplicity and efficacy, providing nourishing and hydrating sun care solutions for your active lifestyle.

Which products have become Solara Suncare’s best sellers?

Solara Suncare’s Luxe Collection showcases the Fortune Teller Brightening Sunscreen Daily Serum, SPF30, which has gained immense popularity among customers seeking enhanced skin radiance. Additionally, the Mineral Defense Sport Mist, SPF 50, from their Go! Collection has become a favorite choice for individuals embracing outdoor adventures while ensuring optimal sun protection.

What are Solara Suncare’s aspirations with their eco-friendly products?

Solara Suncare strives to revolutionise the mineral sunscreen industry by creating products that not only provide effective sun protection but also look and feel distinct from traditional zinc sunscreens. Their unwavering commitment to ingredient quality ensures the exclusion of sunscreen actives that may pose risks to both the planet and our well-being. Solara also embraces sustainable packaging, embodying a fun and modern aesthetic while upholding essential sustainability practices.

Why should discerning individuals choose Solara Suncare products?

By choosing Solara Suncare, you support an independent, female-owned sunscreen brand committed to redefining industry norms. Unlike conglomerates that adhere to conventional approaches, Solara embraces a unique path, prioritising your skin’s health and the environment’s well-being. With each purchase, you contribute to meaningful charities, making a positive impact on the world. Embrace the sun-kissed bliss that Solara Suncare offers and elevate your sun care routine to new heights.

Welcome to a world where skin protection and sustainability coexist harmoniously – welcome to Solara Suncare at the #CKiteFestival!

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