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200km swim in 9 days? Well yes, there’s no typo here, Tina Staub who is not a mermaid but simply a human in love with endurance sports will be swimming around the island from
 the 27th of October till the 4th of November 2022.

Mind-bogglingly cool, right?
 Keep reading and find out how you can support Tina and Ultra Swim Mauritius like us as she braves the Indian Ocean for a noble cause.

What are you hoping to achieve with this 200km swim?

4 children from the Muscular Dystrophy Association were recently diagnosed with scoliosis, a deformation of the spinal cord and they require urgent surgery. They require 4.5 million for the 4 surgeries. Since we are a bit over 1 million inhabitants in Mauritius, I am aiming to raise Rs 4 per inhabitant to gather this amount. Since I will circle Mauritius by swimming around it, I want to ask the whole of Mauritius to support me in this challenge and help me raise funds for these 4 children.

What does Ultra Swim Mauritius 2022 mean to you?

This is a dream coming true. I learned swimming in 2018 and back then I could never even imagine dreaming of this challenge, it would never even cross my mind. Today I realise that a dream doesn’t only happen while we sleep. We can dream big and work our way to make it happen.

Tell us about your training, and preparation to undertake this 200km swim

I started training in October 2021 as I wanted to have 1 full year of training. On weekdays I would do 1 to 2 interval swim training in the pool to increase my speed, a lot of CrossFit training to build strength as well as some running as I love that. During the weekend I do endurance swims or endurance runs depending on the cycle I am into. The swim distances vary from 10 to 30 km and the run distances vary from 20 to 60 km. Besides that, eating and sleeping properly is a big part of the preparations as well.

This swim is for 1 NGO: The Muscular Dystrophy Association. Why?

People suffering from muscular dystrophy lose their muscles progressively until they have none. This is something that brings me to the opposite of my life, I use my muscle every day for training and it is my muscles that bring me closer to my dreams. I cannot imagine how life can be without muscles and I chose them because they have dreams too. If this project can bring them closer to their dreams, I will consider my dream had a strong reason behind it.

So, our question to you: “Do you have Rs.4? Well, that’s all you need to help four kids from the Muscular Dystrophy Association. The fundraising will be activated on Small Step Matters soon with updates on Ultra Swim Mauritius‘s Facebook page, keep your eyes peeled!

Tina will reach C Mauritius on the 30th of October, if you are around, come show your support!

We are with you Tina, Go for it!

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